Lunch & Class

We are offering a new and exciting way to learn Hungarian, over an authentic traditional meal.

Duration: 2 Hours

Location: Rákóczi Restaurant

Price: € 60 / 1 person
€ 85 / 2 person
€ 105 / 3 person

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Gastronomy is a central part of many Hungarian conversations, so what better way to learn the basics of the Hungarian language than taking a basic Fungarian class with a friendly local teacher while enjoying classic Hungarian cuisine at a traditional restaurant? During the Fungarian Lunch & Class, participants learn fundamentals of the playfully poetic Hungarian language while experiencing Hungary’s legendary hospitality firsthand – along with learning tips about dining etiquette here and the fascinating history of Hungarian food.


  • 2-hour private class with a friendly teacher (held in English, German, and other languages)
  • Enjoy lunch in a traditional Hungarian restaurant preferred by Budapest locals instead of tourists
  • Participants receive basic background to Hungarian along with learning a few basic (yet critical) phrases, along with in-depth Budapest orientation
  • Participants can feel free to ask questions about Hungarian life and culture
  • With your new linguistic skill, impress locals during your Hungary visit and friends when you return home


Dine on specialties of Hungarian gastronomy while learning basics of the Hungarian language with a friendly teacher during our 2-hour Fungarian classes held over lunch, providing a basic introduction to Hungarian culture, cuisine, and much more. Let one of our friendly Fungarian teachers be your guide to learning some basic understanding of the playfully poetic Hungarian language, while also learning tips about dining etiquette here and the fascinating history of Hungarian food.

Held in a traditional Hungarian restaurant preferred by locals instead of tourists, the Lunch & Class provides a lighthearted introduction to the Hungarian language and gastronomy, as participants dine on classic customary dishes like goulash soup, paprika chicken, or cold fruit soup. Learn how elemental ingredients of these foods reveal much about Hungarian history and culture.

The class covers basic Hungarian greetings and basic interactions, such as what to say (and what not to say) when ordering the meal. Additionally, participants are offered insight for getting around Budapest in the most efficient ways possible.

During the class available in multiple languages, visitors learn fundamentals like how to count from one to five, and can also ask questions about daily life in Hungary and about the country’s culture and history – even learning why Hungarians call themselves Magyars. This class also includes more details about the Hungarian lifestyle and pointers for meeting locals.

With the basic Hungarian knowledge that you learn with our Fungarian Lunch & Class, you will impress locals during your Budapest visit and your friends when you return home.

Additional info:

Included: a notebook, a souvenir pen and a coffee or a soft drink

Not included: other drinks or food


Guest Reviews

” … The restaurant chosen for the session and lunch was a local place not frequented by tourists. The food was traditional and absolutely yummy. If we’d had time we’d have gone back there for another meal! All in all a fabulous experience and to be honest we could easily have spent more time there learning and chatting.”

Linda and Dave, 2015

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