Public Transport Tour of Budapest

Meet locals! Save on taxi costs! Use public transport!

Duration: 3 Hours

Location: Cafe Zenit

Price: € 65 / 1 person
€ 95 / 2 person
€ 110 / 3 person

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Budapest features a remarkably comprehensive and efficient public-transportation system, so to truly experience Hungary’s capital the way that locals do, there is no better way than getting around the city by tram, bus, metro, and even ferryboat. During our 2.5-hour tour, participants not only try five different means of transport but also get a guided tour of the city in a special way. It’s much more fun than being locked up on the sightseeing bus! We offer a real-life experience – get to know Budapest and its dwellers as they live their everyday life.


  • A 2.5-hour Budapest tour where participants learn how to use the public-transportation system firsthand
  • Visit major Budapest landmarks, including the Danube Promenade, Great Synagogue, and more
  • A brief Danube River cruise by public ferryboat included in every tour
  • Other means of travel include metro, tram, and bus
  • Participants can learn about taking excursions to other Hungarian locations by riverboat and train


See Budapest’s landmarks like a local while saving money on taxis and tour buses with Fungarian’s Public Transport Tour of Budapest, providing visitors with a comprehensive introduction to Budapest’s extensive network of trams, buses, ferryboats, and more.

Learn everything you need to know about Budapest’s different types of public-transport tickets and passes before embarking on an urban excursion with a friendly guide, providing interesting details about the landmarks and monuments that groups pass along the way.

Every tour includes a ride on one of Budapest’s public ferryboats crossing the Danube, providing beautiful views over the Chain Bridge and Castle Hill. The tours include details about Budapest’s historic metro system, the first one established in continental Europe.

Guests are also encouraged to ask questions about touring other parts of the city not covered in this excursion, allowing them to make their own way around the city at the lowest cost possible after this tour.

Additional info:

Included: a notebook, a souvenir pen, a 24-hour pass for any means of transportation, a map showing the route we cover, a free drink, Booklet (a manual on Budapest public transport major lines including what you can see along the way)

Not included: any further drinks or food


Guests reviews

”I LOVE private tours in different countries! It is really the only way to go. I don’t know how many of you have been trapped on a coach bus peering through dirty windows with someone on a mic not caring what you want to see. I will NEVER go on a coach bus again. It’s more expensive, and not nearly as personal. Fungarian has it right. Amazing service, great contact, this company deserves every trip advisor award they get.

… We got on the bus(Whoo hoo! Public transportation is awesome! A great way to live like the locals and figure out the local transit system with the help of a guide) … Milan treated us like his friend, and answered literally every question we could possibly ask. He loves his country, and was so informative and amazing.

We ended up hanging out with him all day and he really gave us the real Budapest tour. I fell in love with Budapest because of Milan.

Eric and DebbieB, 2014

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