Momentous Selfies Tour in Budapest

Join our Bohemian-style sightseeing selfie tour up and down Pest and Buda. Follow in the footsteps of Richard Ayoade – as seen in the “Travel Man” TV series Budapest episode, originally aired on Channel 4.

Duration: 3 Hours

Location: Budapest Columbo Statue

Price: € 75 / 1 person
€ 95 / 2 person
€ 125 / 3 person

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Budapest is a city of statues that remind us daily of our past. Forget about dry guidebook descriptions of Hungarian history or the story of Budapest. Our turbulent past is crammed with great talents in arts and sciences, but also rebels and malcontents, be they free-spirited poets, unconventional artists, dissident statesmen, or fierce freedom fighters. We call the latter our national heroes. During our tour, you will hear their stories which are common knowledge to Hungarians.


  • join King Matthias in a hunting scene at Buda Castle
  • touch the shiny balls of the Hadik equestrian statue to bring you luck
  • find a rare spot on Margaret Bridge for a unique panorama
  • play marbles with the Paul Street boys, a statue based on the novel
  • compare your hand to Franz Liszt’s “piano fingers”
  • become part of one of the murals in District 7
  • mix with a Bohemian crowd in one of the ruin pubs


Participants will meet our guide at the Detective Colombo statue near Margaret Bridge. Alternatively, hotel pickup is possible.

We will ramble through the city on a wild goose trail in search of interesting buildings, rare vistas and unusual viewpoints in search of unconventional and sometimes bizarre statues and works of art.

The tour is thematic: Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings, remnants of the short-lived Communist past, great but lesser-known figures of Hungarian history – like the unique statue of Anonymous, the chronicler of Hungarian history, or General Hadik, a hussar commander in Maria Theresia’s time, infamous for taking Berlin hostage and making Berliners pay an enormous ransom. We will also visit the statues of some of our great poets that we are so proud of and read their best poetry.

Additionally, we will have two drink stops at iconic but hidden local places.

The tour has a set route, but we are happy to divert from it if your special interests desire it. We hope you will end up with a minimum of 20 wonderful selfies rich in historical and literary content.

Additional info:

Included: two free drinks and a retro postcard. We’ll also provide a selfie stick which you can use at your convenience during the tour.


Guests reviews

”Last year in Quebec I was astonished to see tourists taking selfies in the dark in non descript areas. No accounting for taste as they say. Cut to Budapest and Fungarian’s brilliant selfie tour and you have the complete opposite. These guides ensure you have beautiful photographs in exquisite settings. The combination of an amazing city with the craze of taking selfies married together is a recipe for success. Don’t miss it.”

Karen MacKenzie

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