Wine Tasting And Tapas

Experience the diversity of the Hungarian wine culture with our Fungarian team in the heart of Budapest! Try the most famous as well as the best offbeat Hungarian wines, indulge yourself in the world of Hungarian tapas and gain valuable insight into the culture and language of the country through this unique culinary experience.

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Location: HecserliCafé, Budapest, Szerb u. 15, 1056

Price: € 39 / 1 person

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The unique world of Hungarian wines is an inherent part of the country’s culinary and cultural heritage. Wine culture has shaped Hungary’s art- and creative scene, but even the Hungarian language for centuries and continues to do so until today. This is why our wine tasting experience is about so much more than just a mere treat of your taste buds. What we will give you is a culinary and cultural journey that’ll do a lot more than just provide you with knowledge about the most essential Hungarian grape varieties. You’ll also learn about the compelling urban legends surrounding them, the past and the future of Hungary’s wine regions and the most important Hungarian wine- and table-phrases. Through this experience, we want you to gain a deep understanding of the role of Hungarian wines, and how they shaped the culture, art scene and history of Hungary.


  • Getting familiar with the Hungarian wine culture in a friendly and intimate atmosphere: Prepare for urban legends, cultural insights and even wine- and table-related Hungarian phrases while you sip your way through the best of Hungarian wines
  • Nearly 2 hours of wine tasting in English with a qualified sommelier including six typical Hungarian wines from well-known, offbeat and dynamically growing wineries from all over the country
  • Acquaintance with indigenous vine varieties completely unknown to foreigners and the characteristics of the 22 wine regions
  • Learn more about the position of Hungarian wine in today’s international wine scene and its future
  • A quiz to wrap up your knowledge and a little surprise for you at the end


This exceptional culinary experience goes far beyond ordinary wine tasting. While tasting six of the best Hungarian wines, ourexperienced sommelier, Réka, will brief you about the various characteristics of the Hungarian grape varieties and wine regions. Apart from the most famous ones we will introduce you to unusual grapes and wines that are mostly unheard of outside of the country but are well-worth the appraisal.

Since we want you to gain a true understanding of Hungarian wine production, we’ll further introduce you to the unique and ancient technology behind the world-famous sweet dessert wine “Aszú” of Tokaj as well as the latest trends of the Hungarian wine-scene.

By joining our tasting, we’ll also teach you the most important Hungarian culinary- and table phrases and will show you how the world of wine has shaped our culture and history. Ever heard of the so-called wine songs? Indeed, there is a whole genre of Hungarian folk music and lyric poetry dedicated solely to the enjoyment of wine that we’ll escape to together, if only for a short while.

Since no sip is complete without a proper treat for the stomach, we’ve furthermore prepared the best of Hungarian tapas for you. Get ready for delicious cheeses and salami that are the perfect supplement to this tasting experience.

To make sure that the experience stays as memorable as possible, we have prepared a quiz for you at the end and will treat you with a little special surprise before we let you go.

Additional info:

Included: a notebook, a souvenir pen and a coffee or a soft drink

Not included: pickup and drop-off from and to your hotel, hostel, Airbnb, etc.; any further foods and drinks


Guests reviews

”Fungarian’s wine tasting was such a fun experience. Wine tastings can be stuffy and even though you learn a lot about the wines, most things are forgotten when you leave the room. Our sommelier Réká told us about the wine, the wine regions, the producers of the wines that we tasted (of which several are friends of her). The Hungarians wines are excellent and there are true gems to be found – and that at prices far below wines from other countries. It became a much more personal tasting than the ones I’ve encountered before. It was a good mix of love for wine and having fun while drinking it.”

Jesper Kunuk Egede

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