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Discover Your Cultural Roots Series

Duration: 2 Hours

Location: Cafe Zenit

Price: € 45 / 1 person
€ 65 / 2 person
€ 85 / 3 person

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Do you have a Hungarian last name? Are you curious to know how to pronounce it in Hungarian, what it means or what famous Hungarians had the same name? Join our special Fungarian event we offer to people with Hungarian ancestors as part of our Discover Your Cultural Roots Series. During this session you can also learn some basic Hungarian you may need when you meet locals or Hungarian relatives. We will also discuss why this ancient language is the most significant identity feature for Hungarians.


  • How to cope with Hungarian sounds and letters like GY in magyar and Nagy or É, Ő, Ű, ZS and CS
  • How to pronounce your name in Hungarian
  • Peculiarities of the Hungarian accent
  • The Asian origin of the language and how it survived
  • Best samples of Hungarian literature
  • Politeness rules and social etiquette


This relaxed session in a café is customized to your needs. We would like to hear your story including what memories you have of your relatives who used the language. For many it remained a secret code and you may remember just fragments but we will help to put them in context. If you bring old letters or postcards left from your parents or grandparents, we will translate them for you. Through these documents you can learn a lot about the people who wrote them and you will be surprised by the eloquent style they used.

Guests are also encouraged to ask questions and make a list of phrases and sentences they want to learn.

Additional info:

Included: a notebook, a souvenir pen and a first drink (coffee, soft drink, beer or fröccs)

Note: Any of the five themed tours in our Discover Your Cultural Roots Series can be combined into one personalised tour tailored to your special interests and requests.


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