About Us

Fungarian is a small team of language, history, arts and geography teachers dedicated to share the best Hungarian culture with travellers and visitors to Hungary. We named our service Fungarian because we want to impart the language in a light-hearted way so that learning is a joy. We conduct our tours likewise to make them a memorable and fun event.

We started our service in 2008 and we are proud of having assisted several hundred visitors yearly, who – according to their Tripadvisor evaluations – were as much pleased as we were to have the opportunity to meet them. We believe that responsible tourism can enrich individuals, and Hungary has a lot to offer.

HUNGARY. A mania (idée fix) with a population of ten million. It is now generally regarded as curable, though this would take away much of its charm.

István Örkény – Hungarian playwright

Our staff includes

  • MIKLÓS Molnár – founder and owner of Hungarolingua Language School, college professor, linguist
  • BALÁZS Eff – teacher of history and English, co-director of Fungarian
  • EMESE Szabó – teacher of English and Hungarian, expert in drama pedagogy
  • EDIT Látkoczky – teacher of Italian and Hungarian, tour guide
  • ANNAMARIA Róna – teacher of English and Hungarian, translator, interpreter
  • LILLA Lévai – teacher of English and Hungarian, tour guide
  • ATTILA Szabó – teacher of English, Romanian and Hungarian, theatre historian
  • MARCI Jeszenszky – teacher of Spanish and Hungarian, music teacher and band leader
  • KATA Fülöp – teacher of Hungarian, writer of Hungarian textbooks
  • MILÁN Bikics – teacher of English and Hungarian, historian

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Our philosophy

How can we help you best?

We can help save you time and money and avoid misunderstandings. We’ll provide lots of local information and update you on ongoing events.

We aim to customise each class to meet your interests. Please let us know in advance your main interests and priorities (your Budapest bucket-list).

According to Hungarian courtesy rules (they are strict!) we use the term “the kind guest” when we talk about our clients. The guest status in Hungarian culture entitles you to a lot of privileges. Use them. We’ll help you in any way we can. Consult us on where to go, what to eat, where to stay or how to buy a travel pass. We answer emails within 24 hours.

We created a blog called THE HUNGARIAN CONNECTION on our webpage. It’s updated twice weekly. The purpose of this blog is to share as much linguistic and cultural information as possible. We hope that our content will meet your interests and we can open up Hungarian culture to you through literature, linguistic and cultural trivia.