Hundreds if not thousands of enthusiastic birdwatchers make a pilgrimage to Tata, a scenic small town 80 kms north-west of Budapest every November to study the multitude of wild geeseWILD GEESE TATA


who migrate at this time to the Öregtó (Old Lake) of Tata to survive the harsh winter they would find in their habitat in the far North.

The secret of Öregtó is that it does not freeze unless there is very harsh winter due the hot springs and the Által stream where its water supply comes from.

Hungary is a Paradise for birdwatchers. Apart from this unique place, the Hortobágy National Park in the East of Hungary and several other locations boast with rare opportunities for bird lovers.


If you are a bird-watcher, Fungarian is pleased to help organise a stay in Hungary. The professional page for the Hungarian organization is MME (Hungarian Bird and Nature Protection Association) –, unfortunately only in Hungarian.