Every summer Mogyoród, this small town 20 kms east of Budapest hosts the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix. This 11th century settlement derives its name from the Hungarian word MOGYORÓ meaning hazelnut since it was rich in hazelnut bushes. This fact is also commemorated in the coat of arms of the town.


This unique motorsport event was originally planned to be street race through Budapest but to the relief of the city dwellers the decision was taken to build a brand new circuit in the valley of Mogyoród providing natural vantage points for spectators. The track named Hungaroring opened in 1986 and it held its first Formula One event in August that year.

Mogyoró, a word of Turkish origin in Hungarian, can also be found in one of the most popular tongue twisters, recommended for children and language learners having difficulties in rolling their ’R’ sound:

Répa, retek, mogyoró,
Korán reggel ritkán rikkant a rigó.