No matter what locals complain about BKK (Budapest Public Transport Centre), it’s one of the best in Europe and we should be proud of it. A lovely group of Californians had no choice but do a sightseeing tour in a melting heat of 38 C. By using public transport (tram 6, tram 2, tram 49, D11 boat, Metro 2 and the Millennial underground) it turned out to be quite enjoyable. Fungarian’s Public Transport Tour ( designed exactly for such opportunities – hop on, hop off but with a difference.

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The route can easily be modified and no time pressure, plus it gives us the chance to digress from the standard sights and avoid tourist traps. An additional feature is meeting locals including the rude staff of the BKK Boat, which does give an authentic Hungarian experience. More of this in the Hungarian cult film Kontroll

Enjoy the ride!