“My lecsó is the unbeatable”, say by all husbands and wifes (+ mother-in-laws) all over the country. The lecsó (pronounced ’letchoe’), is a highly seanonal dish in Hungary typical of the summer months. The ingredients are important. It all sounds very simple, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and sausage. But it makes a big difference when it comes to the quality of tomatoes (ripe, juicy), paprika (not the big TV bell peppers – TV here meaning töltenivaló=to be stuffed – but again the soft, ripe ones straight from the field) and finally, sausage (dry sausage or lecsókolbász, a light variant). However, there is still a lot of ground for make your mother-in-law an enemy by disputing  how to cut the peppers (rings or pieces), or the onions (cubes or slices), to use fat or oil. And this is not the end, when it’s almost ready you can add eggs or rice or noodles.

I am off to make some lecsó. The minimalist and of course the best.

Your special (of course the only best) recipe is welcome to beshared.

P.S. For our visitors enrolled for a Lunch and Class (http://fungarian.hu/lunch-class/) we offer a summer menu including Cold Fruit Soup, Lecsó and palacsinta instead of the Goulash menu. Go seasonal!