At major landmarks in Hungary’s capital city, one can see megaposters (see top photo) depicting heroes of the 1956 Revolution with the slogan of poet Sándor Márai: “A nation said: Enough!” (EGY NÉP MONDTA: ELÉG VOLT!)

Budapest is frenzied with the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the 1956 October events, sparked by a peaceful solidarity rally of Hungarian students with the Polish people (left photo).

Nowadays we call the events of those 10 Days That Shook the World revolution and war of independence, but previously they have been labeled an uprising, a popular uprising, a revolt, a rebellion, a revolution, a counter-revolution, the ’56 events, and in the last days of the Kádár regime, the hypocritical and euphemistic sorrowful October events.


This year’s commemoration includes unique exhibitions like the Codes/Signals/Images – The secret art of the revolution of 1956 (REJT/JEL/KÉPEK ’56 – A forradalom titkos művészete) in the National Museum, on view until November 13th (right photo).

Since there is a great interest among our visitors in the real stories behind the 1956 Revolution, the Fungarian team designed a special memorial tour focusing on the happenings of the revolutionary days and visiting the major sights of the uprising. Our purpose is to offer our guests a balanced view of the causes and consequences of 1956, and provide a wide tableau of the major players.

For more information, see our 1956 Revolution Memorial Tour.