The siege of the Radio building in Bródy Sándor utca, District 8, in the late evening of 23rd October 1956 signaled the outbreak of the revolution. Following a bloody fight that lasted until early morning, the building was seized by the people and the national uprising against the oppressive Soviet-backed regime was launched.

The Radio was renamed the Magyar Szabad Rádió (Hungarian Free Radio), later Hungarian Kossuth Radio and became the main mouthpiece of the Revolution.

If you walk around the National Museum, take a 1-minute detour to Bródy Sándor utca 5-7 and have a look at the two memorial plaques on the wall, one remembering the events and the other dedicated to the soldier and officers of the Hungarian Army who were massacred by the ÁVH forces defending the building.

Fort he whole story you are welcome to join Fungarian’s 1956 Revolution Memorial Tour: