Don’t miss this golden opportunity if you visit Budapest between now and the end of the year: the exhibition The Solitary Cedar – Csontváry’s Genius opened last Sunday in the former Army Headquarters building of the Buda Castle and will be open to visitors until 31 December 2015.

Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka (1853–1919) is an enigmatic figure of Hungarian art history.  The amateurish one of the two accompanying photos is the cedars in Lebanon which I took a few years ago and the other is Csontváry’s masterpiece. I wrote the story behind which was first published in Time Out Budapest. here are two excerpts:

Contrary to most artists, painting for him was a divine mission for which he prepared for 14 years by opening a pharmacy and collecting enough capital to devote his life to fulfilling the mission to which he was ordained by some supernatural power.

Should you have the opportunity to look at his paintings, take your time and look for the lights and shades of colours – even if there is little chance you can afford to do what Picasso did in 1948 when he visited an ad hoc Csontváry exhibition at the Hungarian Embassy in Paris, and asked his hosts to leave him locked in the room for an hour on his own, after which he simply said: “I never realized that apart from me our century had a great artist.”

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