In early November Budapest restaurants’ special offers are goose dishes. The goose season is due Martin’s day on November 11. Márton (nickname form is Marci pronounced ’martsee’) is a fairly popular name in Hungary. What makes it prominent is that Saint Martin’s story with the geese provides an excellent opportunity to make the day or even the whole week a gastronomical festival. Many restaurants offer delicious goose dishes including Soup with Matze dumplings and stuffed goose neck.

Saint Martin, the 4th century saintly hero of the Christianity, known in western cultures as Saint Martin of Tours, was born in Savaria, a Roman settlement in the West of Pannonia, now called Szombathely at the western border of Hungary, is counterexample of power-hungry politicians. After being appointed to be the bishop of Tours in France he went into hiding in a barn to escape the burden of the task, however, the geese gave him away.

Enjoy the season and treat yourselves to some delicious goose dish.

An unique painting by István Dorffmaister in the Szombathely Cathedral commemorates the Hungarian/Pannonian roots of this special saint.