vecsési kaposztaAutumn is coming and the season of cabbage dishes is starting. When it comes to cabbage –full of vitamin C –  it must be VECSÉSI. Vecsés (Wetschesch), a typically SVÁB (Schwabian i.e. ethnic German) village  22 kms South-East of Pest boasts to have the best SAVANYÚKÁPOSZTA (sauerkraut) , the tradition of making it dating back to the 18th century. This weekend (26-27 September) the village hosts the KÁPOSZTAFESZT, a trendy coinage of cabbage and festival. More info at these two pages but unfortunately only in Hungarian.,

The best English source for details is Phillip Done’s blog:

A product associated to a place name is very common in Hungary. The rule is that you have the name of the settlement and add an ‘–i’ ending, meaning ’from’, e.g. Makói hagyma (onion from Makó), Kalocsai paprika (paprika from Kalocsa) or Tokaji aszú (dessert wine from Tokaj) and tens and hundreds more. So, look out for the ending ‘–i’ and you can be sure the product is something special and authentic.