By a co-incidence in the calendar Pentecost, a two-day national holiday, and the Day of National Unity (Nemzeti Összetartozás Napja) are on the same day, June 4th. The latter is a national remembrance day, out of which we have eight, all commemorating a tragic event in the history of Hungary except the last victory we had over the Turks in 1456 at Nándorfehérvár (today’s Belgrade).

June 4th marks the anniversary of the day when the Versaille peace treaty was signed in 1920 under which two-thirds of Hungary’s territory was ceded to neighbouring countries. Hungarians, however, call it just the Trianon Treaty since it was signed in the Grand Trianon chateau of Versaille. Since one third of the whole Hungarian-speaking population suddenly found themselves the citizens of a new state, the Hungarian word in the name of the day ÖSSZETARTOZÁS (literally ’belonging together’ i.e. unity or cohesion) refers to all Hungarians living in and outside Hungary. The most remarkable event of the day is the hoisting of the national flag in front of the House of Parliament with military honours.

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