Read the first word in the Hungarian way (moosht), note that it means ‘freshly pressed grape juice,’ and then the headline will make sense.

MUST is a very healthy soft drink, it contains the skins, seeds, and stems of the grapes. The word MUST is of Latin origin (vinum mustum, “young wine”) and it’s the first product of grape harvest (SZÜRET), and October is main the season for it. Also, the jolliest occasion for relatives and friends to spend a hard-working grape picking day together to end it with some SZÜRETI MULATSÁG (harvest merriment) including lots of food and of course drinks. In most villages and small towns the SZÜRETI BÁL (harvest ball) is still a great event, accompanied by a fiesta-style carnival procession.

When it comes to grapes, i.e. SZŐLŐ, one of the first things that comes to Hungarian minds is the iconic folk song about the two poor guys who have no bread only bacon and onions. Here is the karaoke version for language learners: –