Like it or not, you must eat LENCSEFŐZELÉK on New Year’s Day. Lentils symbolise prosperity, wealth and luck for the new year.

Although it’s an international dish and so is the new year custom to start the year with lentil soup, but the Hungarian recipe contains a few new elements, in line with the general principles of Hungarian cooking methods. First of all, FŐZELÉK, an untranslatable word, is neither a soup, nor is it stew, but in-between. The ingredients – apart from salt and pepper – include bay leaf, garlic, paprika, vinegar, sour cream and of course roux. The non-vegetarian version demands bacon skin and smoked knuckle and anything smoked and preferably pork.

You are welcome to concoct your own version based on this very educational 1:27-length video clip made by Apróséf, a most popular recipe portal (unfortunately, only in Hungarian but excellent for language learners):

Jó étvágyat. Bon appetit. Enjoy.

Good luck for the new year,

the Fungarian Team