SZERESD A PIACODAT i.e. ’Love your market!’ was the slogan of a campaign of the Rákóczi tér Market Hall (8th District), presumably to attract locals to buy products sold by local vendors. The five Hungarian words you need to know if you look for quality, real, genuine products are as follows:

HÁZI i.e. ’home-made’ like HÁZI KENYÉR (bread)

TERMELŐI i.e. ’producer’s’ like TERMELŐI SAJT, BOR (cheese, wine, etc.)

TANYASI i.e. ’farm-house’ like TANYASI CSIRKE (chicken)

PARASZT i.e. ’farmer/peasant’ in the sense Germans use ’bauern’ like PARASZT KOLBÁSZ (sausage)

FALUSI i.e. ’village’ like FALUSI TEJ (milk)

Also, you can read at the price tag of vegetable stalls MAGYAR TERMÉK (Hungarian product) as opposed to imported goods.

Nick and family

Fungarian’s enthusiastic language learners enjoyed a tour at the market and learnt not only what specialities you can buy but how to distinguish industrial products from fresh local produces.

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