Arts in Communism Tour

This tour reveals Budapest’s communist past including personal stories.
  • Date: November 7 Saturday 11:00
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Meeting Point: At the back exit (towards the Stadium) of the Puskás Ferenc Stadion metro station
  • Price: € 25.00 / 1 person
  • Group size: minimum 5 people.
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November 7, the anniversary of the 1917 Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia, was official holiday in Hungary between 1950 and 1988. What’s today Oktogon was named November 7 Square, referred to locals as Nov 7 tér (novhét tér). The tour will focus on the “fun” side of Hungary’s Communist past including so called Socialist Realist art, songs, films, literature and endless number of jokes. The main part of the tour will take place in the Socialist Realist Statue Park in front of the Puskás Ferenc Stadium. We will also present communist reliquia in everyday life like pioneer uniform accessories and Lenin relics.

Additional info:

Meeting Point:

At the back exit (towards the Stadium) of the Puskás Ferenc Stadion metro station.


Statue Park (also called Dromos i.e. passageway) – Antik-Bazár Klauzál u. 1.

Terms and conditions:

minimum 5 persons


handout, notebook, pen, a surprise gift and a free drink at the end of the tour

Not included:

any transport tickets or additional drinks or food

Tour leaders:

Lecturer Miklós Molnár / Historian Balázs Eff – certified tour guides


cash on spot, reservation fee EUR 10 transferred to through PayPal

N.B.This tour is also available as a private tour at any time.

Prices: 1 person EUR 55

             2 persons Eur 70

            3 persons Eur 85

User Reviews

“What was it like to live in Communist Hungary?”

Being a hands-on learner, I need to get as close as possible to the thing I am studying to understand it. But as a tourist, how do you get close to Communist Hungary? As an ex-pat living in Budapest, after years of living here and meeting people of all kinds, doesn’t make it that much easier. It’s not the kind of thing you get to ask people everyday. Sure, you can see it on the buildings; they bear plenty of scars. With their bullet holes from WWII and then 1956, what they can’t tell is what it was like for the people that lived in them and how did they manage to go on. From simple things, like how did they go shopping and what was it like to be a kid during Communism, to major things like what if you weren’t a Communist and/or an atheist? Did people believe the Cold War would end in nuclear war?
This is why I loved going on the FUNGARIAN tour Life under Communism. The guide provides a good overview of the various ideologies and political factors that made Soviet Communism what it was and how this played out in Hungary, but the bulk of the tour is facts about and explanations of life during Communism, including the guide’s own experience from that time. Being open to any and all questions, the tour guide also gives strikingly candid, and sometimes very unexpected, answers. This tour is designed to take a special peek into the lives of Hungarians under communism and welcomes those who dare look straight through the keyhole with their questions, curiosity, and empathy.
I learned a lot from this tour but mostly I felt closer to Hungarians after this tour because somehow being able to connect with their lives at that time – their worries, fears, interests, and in-jokes – filled in many parts of the picture about an era some Hungarians still don’t feel comfortable talking about; it helped me to understand the Hungarian experience better.
I would recommend this tour to those interested in history as well as anyone out there who thinks getting to know more about people (everything about them) is the most important thing about life and the best part of traveling.

indy_family_traveler, Indianapolis, Indiana
“We highly recommend Fungarian for language lessons and tours”

We contacted Fungarian for two purposes, to take language lessons and participate in one of the many interesting themed tours offered. … For the tour, we chose “Time-Travel into the 80’s, Lecture and Short Tour, Life Under Communism.” Our tour also was led by Mr. Molnár. He first met us for coffee, where he began his brief history overview and explained the tour itinerary. He had numerous photos and other artifacts to support his lecture, which we found fascinating and detailed beyond what we already had read about the period or had experienced/learned at other sites and museums. We then left for the walking tour, which began in Pest and ended in Buda, a reverse on his usual tour, designed to accommodate our needs. Miklós is wicked smart, entertaining, and engaging. His knowledge extends way beyond the tour focus, as he integrated news accounts and personal stories. He answered all our questions, embedding Hungary in the global changes that occurred correspondingly. Our high expectations were well exceeded. I highly recommend Fungarian for tours and language lessons. We definitely will be calling again on our next trip to Budapest.”


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