Hungarians’ obsession with SZALONCUKOR (fondant candy), the major Christmas tree ornament, goes deep in the national psyché. The fun part of it involves hanging them with a special device called szaloncukor akasztó (metal hooks) when you decorate the tree.



Further fun comes when you are allowed to grab the candy from the tree, but you leave the empty shiny wraps to last to hang until the tree is removed two weeks later.


Just recently, Fungarian hosted a wonderful family with Hungarian background from Australia and the mother related that her grandmother kept all the szaloncukor wraps (without candy) since they emigrated in 1945 and they used them for Christmas tree decoration.

Though the recipe is originally French, and we got them through the Germans but in the late 19th century it became completely Hungarianised thanks to the Stühmer chocolate factory who produced szaloncukor for the famous sweet-shop, Gerbeaud.

If you visit Budapest at Christmas time you must not miss tasting any of the more than 20 flavours of Stühmer or Szamos Marzipan fondants.