Could you guess what the headline stands for? In Hungarian it’s SZÍV KÜLDI SZÍVNEK SZÍVESEN and evokes a popular radio program of the MAGYAR RÁDIÓ which started back in 1951 when family, friends and lovers could send a song to their beloved accompanied with a personal message. The genre became so popular that it is still alive as an important program insert of several radio stations and recently, match-making forums.

Phrases connected to the word ’heart’, in Hungarian SZÍV, are abundant in most languages. Some Hungarian usage of the derivatives of SZÍV might be a novelty to our language learners. The most common use is of course the answering phrase to ’thank you’ SZÍVESEN (heartily = You are welcome.)

Foreigners as well as locals struggle a lot to catch the waiter’s eye and ask for the bill. A helpful phrase is A SZÁMLÁT LEGYEN SZÍVES  (the bill, be so hearty …). LÉGY SZÍVES is the informal and polite way to introduce a request, practically, the Hungarian for ’please’. In youth slang you may hear LÉCCI=would’ya but it has some mannered overtone.

SZÍVES  meaning ’kind’ is often used in formal statements like KÉRJÜK SZÍVES MEGÉRTÉSÜKET! (We ask for your kind understanding ) when the train is late or FELHÍVJUK SZÍVES FIGYELMÜKET (we call to your kind attention …) before a public announcement.

What’s your favourite phrase that includes ‘heart’ in your language? Welcome for your comments!