Long before today’s organic, bio and artisanal fads, the average Hungarian housewife made artisanal-organic-bio preserves, unaware of the fact that her simple, natural products would one day be considered so prestigious.

The end of summer is the main BEFŐZÉSI SZEZON (the season to make preserves), because prices are low, and fruits and vegetables are properly ripened.


The queen of all preserves is BARACKLEKVÁR (apricot jam), the #1 filling for PALACSINTA (pancake).

The practical aspect of the preserving fever — apart from eating healthy food without artificial additives like stabilizers, emulsifiers, taste enhancers and all those mysterious chemicals you can read on a can label — is that it is economical.

The word BEFŐTT (preserve), a generic term for all kinds of preserves from pickled lemon to plum jam, derives from the verb BEFŐZ (lit. cook in). The word is so popular that there is even a saying: ELVAN, MINT A BEFŐTT (lit. he is alright like a preserve, meaning he’s happy on his own).

Many Fungarian guests with some Hungarian ancestry vividly remember their Grandma’s habit of making preserves in their new country. If you want to know the secrets of preservation, let us know.

We have a Rózsi néni (Auntie Rosie) who can show you how to do it best, and will provide you with a Magyar memory that you will preserve forever …