The headline is meant to be a riddle. The original English is HOW THE FLINSTONES SAVED CHRISTMAS. A most perplexing, though hilarious experience for foreigners in this country is to watch American movies with Hungarian voices. The dubbed version of the Flinstones was a huge success mainly due to renowned playwright József Romhányi, who rewrote the dialogues into a constant rhyming prose, including the names of the characters. Thus Fred and Barney are FRÉDI ÉS BÉNI, their wives Wilma and Pebbles will sound like VILMA ÉS IRMA.

The decoding of the title KOVAKÖVI KARÁCSONY

Kovakövi Frédi – Fred Flintstone
Kavicsi Béni – Barney Rubble
kovakő – flint (stone)
kavics – pebble; gravel

And of course, KARÁCSONY, a Hungarianised word of the Old Slavic kračun meaning winter solstice, that is Christmas.

You can enjoy the Hungarianized version of the Flinstones by clicking here: