Flea Market Tour

Discover Your Cultural Roots Series
  • Duration: 3 Hours.
  • Location: Ecseri Flea Market (on Saturdays and Sundays) or alternative antique shops in the city
  • Price: € 65.00 / 1 person
    € 90.00 / 2 persons, € 110.00 / 3 persons
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Fungarian offers this time-travelling tour to people with Hungarian ancestors as part of our Discover Your Cultural Roots Series. During this tour we will make the artefacts of bygone times that your ancestors used or kept as precious commodities in their households meaningful. Things like a silver letter opener, a Herend tea set or an enameled milk carrier reflect the lifestyle they had. The Ecseri Flea Market is at full swing only at the weekends but for weekdays we have an alternative route including three or more antique shops at several locations in the city.

This tour can be extended with a visit to the The Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism (Magyar Kereskedelmi és Vendéglátóipari Múzeum), a unique repository with a collection of trade history relics and a tableaux of bygone  lifestyles.


  • A guided public transport trip from Budapest’s city center to the Ecseri Flea Market
  • Guided exploration of the Ecseri Flea Market or alternative antique shops
  • Historical explanation of relics and other merchandise offered at varied merchants’ booths
  • An introduction to the different types of Hungarian artworks offered in the market
  • Help with communicating with the merchants


The Ecseri Flea Market is a treasure trove of antique watches, paintings, ceramics, and much more all waiting to be explored with your own private guide.
Off the beaten track of most Budapest tourists, the market provides a lifestyle for buyers and sellers of a diverse array of curious objects, with the sheer volume of curios to see making this a fascinating destination for anyone to visit.
Brimming with characters you are unlikely to meet anywhere else, the market bustles with excitement and is a cultural gem best enjoyed with one of our guides who would be delighted to escort you there and show you around as part of your very own private Ecseri Flea Market Tour.
As an essential bonus, our guides are happy to help with communicating with the merchants, providing more background to the history and value of the various goods available.

Additional info:

Included: a notebook, a souvenir pen, handouts and a coffee or a soft drink and a lángos (local fast food)

Note: Any of the five themed tours in our Discover Your Cultural Roots Series can be combined into one personalised tour tailored to your special interests and requests.


User Reviews

“Fungarian is fun, informative, charming- don’t miss!”
”We had two tours with Fungarian while in Budapest, the first was a Foodie tour which happened perfectly as it was a rainy day and we spent our time in the gorgeous food market. ….
Our second tour was with Balazs and an entirely different flavor- this was the flea market tour which my husband was dreading and he says now was a highlight of his trip! Balazs is a historian and gave us so much knowledge of the items we saw, the history and politics of the country as well as teaching enough Hungarian to speak with the stall holders. I purchased several trinkets which I will treasure as memories of our trip to Hungary. I highly recommend both of these tours.”
D2barrett, Fort Worth, Texas
“What a day in Ecseri Market, Budapest!”
”One of the best guided tours I ever been at. Milan was helpful and friendly. The tour was like going with a friend to the market on a Saturday morning. What an experience! Some old stuff I never seen before. He told us everything we asked him about and we learned more about the Hungarian way of life, also how to eat langos. Time flow too fast and we had to go back to town and we were soon forced to say goodbye at a tram stop. …”

Cathy, Miami
”The market is an absolute treasure-trove. I just wish I’d gone with more money to spend! We could have spent all day there.
As it was, I think we stayed about an hour longer than we should have, but Milan didn’t hurry us along at any point.
He introduced us to Langos and delicious pastries, which we thoroughly enjoyed and all in all – we simply had a great time.
Thank you Fungarian, thank you Milan!”

John, Edinburgh

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