Easter food specialties typical of the cuisine of the Eastern part of Hungary (mainly in Hajdú and Szabolcs counties) include HÚSVÉTI TÖLTÖTT BÁRÁNY   (Easter stuffed lamb, the stuffing is boiled eggs with finely chopped parsley and green spices) and on the sweet side, curd cheese pudding (SÁRGATÚRÓ, literally ‘yellow curd cheese’).

The lucky Budapesters have countryside relatives and most of them do since according to a latest survey 90% of the population of Pest and Buda moved to the capital through several generations. During major holidays most people take the opportunity to visit relatives, including those in the countryside (VIDÉK). The terms PESTI (i.e. Budapesters) and VIDÉKI (people from or in the countryside) still have some antagonistic overtones but definitely not when it comes to food and market products. The flavours of home for most Budapest people mean the real things grandmas, moms and aunts living in the country prepared, and I am not an exception either. I was surprised with the Easter delicacies you can see in the attached photo from my hometown relatives in Hajdúböszörmény just 20 kilometers north of Debrecen.

I just wonder if this division between the big city and country people exists in other countries.