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If you have limited time to spend in Budapest but you would still like to make the most of your stay, let us help you build your own tour according to your personal interests. Our exclusive guide will take care of you. Together we can set up a bespoke tour according to your interests and time frame.

BUILD YOUR OWN TOUR! Here is our menu you can choose from. Consider them as tips and take your pick (each attraction takes one or two hours). All themes can be combined with learning some basics of the language or can be added to our standard tours. Any combinations of the tours below can be combined and planned according to your wishes. The time frame is flexible.

Flat price: € 25 first hour/person, any additional hour € 15. Any extra person is 50% of the price. See Sample!

Revolutionary Budapest
Political history of Hungary: the Parliament and surroundings including Szabadság Square.
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Language Games
If you are having a party, be it a stag-, hen- or birthday party or a family with kids, we can set up…
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The Blue Danube
The history of bridges, failed attempts in history to create a Danubian Confederacy of nations.
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The History of Rákóczi Tér #10
Rákóczi tér 10 is a residential building built in 1898. The building is a typical Pest block with circular corridors…
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Market Tour
Original Hungarian products and food – HUNGARIKUMS; a guided visit to one of the market halls.
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Communist Mementos
Remnants of forty years of communism in Hungary including Népstadion and…
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Who are the Gypsies?
A visit to the 8th District, contributions of the Roma people to Hungarian culture.
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Village In The City
Visiting Wekerle Housing estate, a masterpiece of rural/urban architecture built in the 1920s.
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The Caves of Buda
A special 5-kilometer walking tour on the Buda hills including two cave tours (Szemlőhegyi and…
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Best Selfie Points in Buda and Pest
Best Selfie Points in Buda and Pest. Make your own souvenir album. Recommended for narcissists.
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For photo maniacs including Mai Manó Ház and the Robert Capa Center. We will point out rare photo…
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Bloody Hungarian History Tour
10 scenes and 10 stories, relating how Bishop Gellért was thrown into the Danube by the pagan…
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Kerepesi Cemetery Tour
Learn about the greatest Hungarian heroes and artists in front of their artistic grave memorials.
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Coffee House Culture In Budapest
Lifestyle tour. A historical overview of coffee house culture including literary cafés at the fin de siécle, their…
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Budapest Abc Tour
For transit visitors and first time visitors, the best points in 2 hours. Recommended for those who…
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The Golden Team
Visiting the Ferenc Puskás stadium combined with the statue park of socialist realism…
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Cat Lovers’ Budapest
Cat pubs in Budapest. Coffee, tea and some basic Hungarian accompanied by cats.
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Hungarian Inventions
Hungary is the home of inventors and inventions like the ball-point pen you are holding in your hand…
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Vegetarians’ Paradise
Hungarian food is high quality due to the favourable climate, traditions and the GMO ban.
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Street Art
Murals and other forms of street art are relatively new to Budapest. We’ll take you to the best spots…
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Slow Tour
For gazers and people with a moderate walking speed. We would like to turn the disadvantage of…
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Forbidden Fruits
Try everything once. No matter what they say about Hungarian cuisine being full of fat…
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Small Shops
Are you fed up with fancy shops and shopping malls? Try small shops (bazár, pipe shop…
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Hungarian Card Games
What are Hungarian cards? Some games you won’t find anywhere else. Teaching you to play cards…
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True or False Tour
for Budapest lovers. We tell you a story about places and events and you guess whether it’s true or false.
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Sample Tour
Our exclusive guide will take care of you. Together we can set up a bespoke tour according to your…
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Groups Events

Family Fun
Budapest is an ideal place for a visit with your family: it’s safe, easy to get around, and full of things to do…
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Travelling Businesspeople
for Budapest lovers. We tell you a story about places and events and you guess whether it’s true or false.
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Conference Participants
Our capital city is a venue for lots of conferences, and the participants are usually happy with it.
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Birthday Party Fun
Coming to Budapest with friends for a birthday celebration? Good idea. To make it even better…
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Budapest is the place for a honeymoon or a wedding anniversary.
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Erasmus Students
Budapest is one of the Erasmus capitals of the region, and it is not by chance. For students…
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School Parties
Let the headmaster relax, we’ll take over. For school groups, we have tailor-made tours…
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Wedding Parties
Budapest is one of the Erasmus capitals of the region, and it is not by chance. For students…
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Stag Parties And Hen Parties
It is a well-known fact that our capital city is heavily infected with pubs, ruin bars and…
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User Reviews

“They Can Do a Custom Tour, Too”
We contacted Miklos for a quick Fungarian lesson and to set up a custom tour. He was very responsive and set up a great itinerary for us. Miklos did the tour himself and we had a good time and learned a little Hungarian in the process. Great company and a great guy.
Marty B. , Dublin, 2014
”I recently took 9 friends on a trip to Budapest with me, I decided to book this as a nice introduction to the City. From the very start everything was so easy to organise. The session was customised for our group and even the handouts took into account that some of the group were couples and others single. The session was hosted in a local café that Miklós recommended so we were able to stay for some very nice food afterwards. I cannot recommend this highly enough. It was a great intro to Budapest and the history and culture of the Magyars”

Conrad G, 2014
”BIRTHDAY – We learned to sing the Hungarian (Magyar) version of Happy Birthday and got enough phrases and cultural information to allow us to really appreciate the richness of Budapest. Suddenly everything seemed a little less alien to us. It was good fun and I’d recommend it!”

Garry, 2014

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