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Autumn is coming and the season of cabbage dishes is starting. When it comes to cabbage –full of vitamin C –  it must be VECSÉSI. Vecsés (Wetschesch), a typically SVÁB (Schwabian i.e. ethnic German) village  22 kms South-East of Pest boasts to have the best SAVANYÚKÁPOSZTA (sauerkraut) , the tradition of making it dating back […]

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We are all enjoying the sunny and still warm weather at the end of September and early October called VÉNASSZONYOK NYARA (vén=old asszony=woman –ok=plural nyár=summer –a=genitive), the Hungarian equivalent of Indian Summer.

However, you should be careful using the adjective VÉN in other context. There are three words meaning ’old’ when we refer to people: IDŐS […]

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SZÜRET, the grape harvest season has just started. Officially there are 22 borvidék (wine regions) in Hungary, each with their special traditions and flavours. SZÜRETELÉS (grape picking) is a hard job but lots of fun too. Look out for SZÜRETI BÁL  (harvest festival) going to take place all over the country until late October.  One […]

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If you are in Budapest between August 30 and September 6, don’t miss the annual Jewish Summer Festival ( ). Since the collapse of Communism Budapest has enjoyed a revival of Jewish culture. You are welcome to get the full picture during one of Fungarian’s Jewish Heritage Tours ( )

The emblematic folk song SZÓL A […]

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Freedom and holiday

The two words are the same in Hungarian: SZABADSÁG meaning ’freedom’ as in e.g. Szabadság híd (Liberty/freedom Bridge) or Szabadság szobor (Liberty Statue, see photo). The root of the word is the adjective SZABAD (free) and thus szabadság is ”free-ness”, and when you are free from work, that’s holiday: SZABADSÁG. Common phrases with the word include […]

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Send a postcard from Budapest

And surprise your beloved by putting a beautiful, artistic stamp on it. Hungary is a paradise for filatelists. The Hungarian Post Office issues hundreds of ornate stamps annually with a theme like anniversary of famous Hungarians or major events. The easiest way to buy them is at any Post Office, larger ones have their gift […]

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What’s the difference between ZSERBÓ and GERBEAUD


In Communist times the café was renamed Vörösmarty Cukrászda but its original name back after 1989.

The pronunciation is the same but the latter is the name of the most famous café in Budapest named after Swiss-born Emile Gerbeaud, while the first one, ’zserbó’ is the name of a walnut and […]

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Don’t miss this golden opportunity if you visit Budapest between now and the end of the year: the exhibition The Solitary Cedar – Csontváry’s Genius opened last Sunday in the former Army Headquarters building of the Buda Castle and will be open to visitors until 31 December 2015.

Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka (1853–1919) is an enigmatic figure of Hungarian art […]

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The Painter of Loneliness

No one has tried harder to go and see the cedars of Lebanon than me. Csontváry’s Solitary Cedar was so imprinted on my mind that I longed for years to see the real ones and have the inspiration the painter experienced. My craving turned into obstinate determination when my first attempt to cross the Syrian-Lebanese […]

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July and August are the two hot months, often with periods of ’KÁNIKULA’ i.e. the Hungarianized Latin word for dog days. The national pastime is to escape to a STRAND, which even a small town can afford to have. As opposed to medicinal baths (GYÓGYFÜRDŐ) ’strand’ is a recreational establishment with cold water swimming pools […]

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