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“Happy as jam!” — the end of summer is the right time to make traditional, Hungarian preserves

Long before today’s organic, bio and artisanal fads, the average Hungarian housewife made artisanal-organic-bio preserves, unaware of the fact that her simple, natural products would one day be considered so prestigious.

The end of summer is the main BEFŐZÉSI SZEZON (the season to make preserves), because prices are low, and fruits and vegetables are properly ripened.

The […]

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The Budapest Animal Garden

No, no, this photo is not from India, it’s a decorative piece of the Elephant House in the Budapest Zoo, called ÁLLATKERT (lit. ÁLLAT=animal KERT=garden) in Hungarian. The Budapesti Állatkert is worthy of the name garden. As fans of the Budapest Zoo claim, it’s like a five-star hotel for the animals who live in Art […]

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Summer joys of Budapest, the ‘strand’

The city hides a lot of retreats from summer heat. Palatinus Strand on peaceful Margaret Island is one of the most enjoyable ones. One of the oldest of its kind, it opened in 1919 during the short-lived Communist regime of Béla Kun. Since 2013 it was extended by two thermal pools and thus it’s a […]

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Place names in Budapest may confuse not only foreigners but locals as well, just take CORVIN: We have CORVIN KÖZ (crescent) including CORVIN MOZI (cinema) and CORVIN PLAZA at the CORVIN NEGYED (quarter) metro station, CORVIN TÉR (square) in Buda near Fő utca and CORVIN ÁRUHÁZ (Department Store) in Blaha Lujza tér, not to mention […]

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The Fungarian Team decided to launch a program called DISCOVER YOUR CULTURAL ROOTS including a series of FB posts with a purpose to approach second and third generation Hungarians who lost the language but interested in the cultural heritage their ancestors took with them. We would like to share fun facts about the best of […]

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The Fungarian Team are excited to receive the 200th review on Tripadvisor about our services.  199 of our guests have been so kind as to make their feedback public. We owe a lot to Tripadvisor since our potential guests can have a personal impression about us and thus decide to choose our highly personalised services […]

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The Fungarian Team are proud of participating in the Budapest100 Volunteer Program. This year’s agenda is to open up the gates of buildings along the Nagykörút. Since Fungarian’s main office is at Rákóczi tér 10, we offer a free tour on Sunday, April 18 from 11:00 to 4:00 p.m. The house was built 1898 and […]

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To get a good deal at the Ecseri Flea Market located in the 19th District of Budapest you need to bargain. Of course you can do it easily by some skilful pantomime. However, if you utter a few Hungarian words like TÚL SOK (pronounced like ’tool shock’, meaning ’too much’), the crafty vendors will take […]

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Wish your Hungarian friends called SÁNDOR (nickname SANYI, the Hungarian equivalent for Alexander or Alex) happy nameday today. Do the same tomorrow with your friends named JÓZSEF (JÓZSI, JÓSKA, JOCÓ) and on the 21st March BENEDEK or BENCE, the latter being the #1 most popular male name given to babies for the past five years. […]

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BOLDOG NŐNAPOT! – sounds the Hungarian version. But is the custom still alive? I made a random survey among a 100 Hungarian women of all ages and social strata to learn if they expect men (family, colleagues and friends) to wish them a BOLDOG NŐNAP just by a casual greeting, or accompanied with an odd-numbered […]

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