Foreign visitors find some strange objects when they visit the Main Market. The thing you can see is called NOKEDLISZAGGATÓ, literally ’noodles shredder.’ The main difficulty in translation, however, arises from defining NOKEDLI, one of the most popular side dishes of Hungarian cuisine that goes with chicken paprika, stew and several other meat and vegetarian dishes. The best description perhaps is gnocchi without potatoes, since all you need is flour and egg to make it. Another word for nokedli is GALUSKA, a word of Slavic origin.

Noodles shredders come in all shapes and here is how to use it:

Finally, this video shows you how to make delicious nokedli and how to use the noodles wrapper:

If you can think of any other objects that can be found only in Hungary, please share with us.

Several Fungarian programs, like our Lunch and Class or Goulash Communism tour, are combined with a traditional Hungarian lunch including chicken paprika with noodles and sour cream in our favourite restaurant at Rákóczi tér, District 8. However, you are welcome to request any tours to include this fantastic dish and we’ll also explain how to make it, only to surprise your friends back home.

Paprikás Csirke Galuskával