Budapest Anno Walk & Talk

Discover Your Cultural Roots Series
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Location: Heroes’ Square
  • Price: € 65.00 / 1 person
    € 90.00 / 2 persons, € 110.00 / 3 persons
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This tour is an historical exploration offered to people with Hungarian ancestors as part of our Discover Your Cultural Roots Series. Most visitors are keen to know where their ancestors came from, why they chose to emigrate, what the political and social milieu was like at the time, what and who they left behind, what lifestyle they lived, and what historical baggage they took with them into an unknown world.
Apart from the 1956-ers the two major waves of emigration from Hungary took place between 1890s until 1910s and then another wave after 1945. Hungarians left their motherland for several reasons such as poor economic prospects in the home country, political persecution or simply seeking adventure. This short walk & talk will introduce you to Hungarian history in a nutshell, a history that shaped the characters and the mindsets of Hungarians throughout generations.


  • The symbolism of statues on Heroes’ Square
  • Historical sources of Hungarian pessimism
  • The myths Hungarians live by and their sources
  • 1896, the millennial year that shaped Hungarian national pride
  • Vajdahunyad Castle, a historical Disneyland, the celebration of Hungarian architectural heritage


The BUDAPEST ANNO tour is confined to the Heroes Square and the City Park where the 1896 Millennial Exhibition took place. Connected to a myriad of statues and memorial places we will highlight the major episodes of Hungarian history with a focus on social conditions and lifestyle at the heyday of Budapest, i.e. the last decade of the 19th century.  You’ll see the statue of Anonymus, a 12th century chronicler who created the myths of the mysterious origin of the Hungarian tribes which then were reinforced by 19th century Romanticism. These myths have shaped Hungarian historical consciousness through generations and being aware of them you will better understand Hungarian national psyche.

The tour includes a long coffee-break, which we will use to show you Fungarian’s album HUNGARIAN HISTORY IN PICTURES. We will focus on a period of history you are most interested in and we will provide an expert answer all the questions you may have.

Additional info:

Included: a notebook, a souvenir pen and a first drink (coffee, soft drink, beer or fröccs)

Note: Any of the five themed tours in our Discover Your Cultural Roots Series can be combined into one personalised tour tailored to your special interests and requests.


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