By courtesy of BudapestLocal we were invited to be part of their Faces of Budapest series:

Reluctantly, I conceded to be the ’Face of Fungarian’, although any of my colleagues, Balázs, Emese, Edit or others would have been an equally good choice.

We hope that this clip made by Jason Leung ( will contribute to familiarising Fungarian’s future guests […]

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January 18 is Piroska’s nameday in the Hungarian calendar.  It is one of the most beautiful sounding names in Hungarian. Its association only with Little Red Riding Hood is misleading tough. While the Grimm’s tale heroine got her name in translation because of her red hood, the name Piroska actually originates from the Latin Prisca meaning […]

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God’s Leg


The word ISTEN – that is ‘God’ – is frequently used outside religious context in Hungarian. A graphic example is the saying MEGFOGTA AZ ISTEN LÁBÁT, meaning ‘He/she has caught God by the leg.’ The phrase is used in situations when someone is lucky. He/she has found the way to succeed. E.g. someone got a […]

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Attila the Hun

Every 7th of January I have to call four friends called Attila and congratulate them on their name day. A Hungarian table calendar tells you whose name day it is, and just to make sure every morning the radio announcer congratulates those who are celebrating their name day. In addition a little sign at the […]

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Like it or not, you must eat LENCSEFŐZELÉK on New Year’s Day. Lentils symbolise prosperity, wealth and luck for the new year.

Although it’s an international dish and so is the new year custom to start the year with lentil soup, but the Hungarian recipe contains a few new elements, in line with the general principles […]

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Frédi és Béni – Kovakövi Karácsony

The headline is meant to be a riddle. The original English is HOW THE FLINSTONES SAVED CHRISTMAS. A most perplexing, though hilarious experience for foreigners in this country is to watch American movies with Hungarian voices. The dubbed version of the Flinstones was a huge success mainly due to renowned playwright József Romhányi, who rewrote […]

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Can you guess the meaning of this Hungarian proverb:

The magpie wants too much but its tail is too weak to carry it away. In Hungarian:


Meaning in Hungarian cultural context:

Someone who undertakes a task that exceeds her/his capacity. Someone wants to do too many things but fails in […]

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Great Grandma’s Hungarian Kitchen


”One and a half million of our people staggered out to America” – lamented Attila József* in his great poem Hazám (My Homeland). The great wave of emigration he refers to was in the first decade of the 20th century and now the grandchildren are coming back to discover their cultural roots.

In the small village […]

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Elizabeth, in Hungarian Erzsébet, Erzsi, Erzsike is a prestigious name-day in the Hungarian calendar, November 19. You may come across the name a lot when rambling in the city. In Hungarian history there were two exceptional women called Erzsébet: Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, after whom the beautiful church at Rózsák tere is named, and Queen […]

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Both foreigners and locals wonder how Peter Falk’s legendary Lieutenant Columbo and his pet basset hound landed right at the foot of the Pest side of Margaret Bridge.

The bronze statue was commissioned in 2008 by the District 5 Local Government under the false assumption that Peter Falk’s ancestor was Miksa Falk after whom the street […]

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