The Hungarian version of Big Brother is ’Nagy Testvér’ i.e. sibling and not brother (test + vér = body + blood = either brother or sister). One of the nicest Hungarian words.

For Hungarian learners of English the typical Headway textbook question ’Do you have any brothers or sisters?” sounds overcomplicated. In Hungarian it would be: VAN TESTVÉRED? (is brother/sister your). The answer is either NINCS (I don’t have any) or VAN EGY ÖCSÉM, KÉT BÁTYÁM, EGY NŐVÉREM ÉS EGY HÚGOM. (I have a younger brother, two elder brothers, an elder sister and a younger sister). So, the four words under TESTVÉR are ÖCCS, BÁTY, NŐVÉR, HÚG. When I introduce my brother, first I say TESTVÉREK VAGYUNK and only then I may specify PETI AZ ÖCSÉM (Pete is my younger brother).

More variations for TESTVÉR are FÉLTESTVÉR (half brother/sister i.e. one parent is common) UNOKATESTVÉR (cousin) and IKERTESTVÉR (twin).

It’ all so easy.