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I have had a versatile professional career: college teacher, tour guide, interpreter, translator and even journalist. Originally a linguist, what I still enjoy most is describing culture through language. That's how I developed a mission for myself: sharing the best of Hungarian culture through highlighting the beauty of our language combined with themed sightseeing tours.

Can you guess what this kitchen utensil is used for?

Foreign visitors find some strange objects when they visit the Main Market. The thing you can see is called NOKEDLISZAGGATÓ, literally ’noodles shredder.’ The main difficulty in translation, however, arises from defining NOKEDLI, one of the most popular side dishes of Hungarian cuisine that goes with chicken paprika, stew and several other meat and vegetarian dishes. […]

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Multifaceted Budapest

The Fungarian Team is delighted to introduce a new blog called CatchBudapest. Maintained by Julie and Flo, the blog is full of  first-hand information about lesser-known places around Budapest. Their most recent publication is a free downloadable ebook about some off-the-beaten-track sites round the city. We invite you to follow their page and enjoy the […]

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The name of the fourth-century pope, Sylvester I, who converted Roman Emperor Constantine the Great to Christianity, has become synonymous with New Year’s Eve in Hungary. The noun ’szilveszter’ occurs in adjectival form as szilveszteri buli, szilveszteri mulatság (New Year’s Eve party/merriment), szilveszteri vacsora (New Year’s Eve dinner).

The real linguistic delicacy, however, is the verbal […]

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Hungarians’ obsession with SZALONCUKOR (fondant candy), the major Christmas tree ornament, goes deep in the national psyché. The fun part of it involves hanging them with a special device called szaloncukor akasztó (metal hooks) when you decorate the tree.


Further fun comes when you are allowed to grab the candy from the tree, but you leave […]

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Hundreds if not thousands of enthusiastic birdwatchers make a pilgrimage to Tata, a scenic small town 80 kms north-west of Budapest every November to study the multitude of wild geese


who migrate at this time to the Öregtó (Old Lake) of Tata to survive the harsh winter they would find in their habitat in the far […]

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In early November Budapest restaurants’ special offers are goose dishes. The goose season is due Martin’s day on November 11. Márton (nickname form is Marci pronounced ’martsee’) is a fairly popular name in Hungary. What makes it prominent is that Saint Martin’s story with the geese provides an excellent opportunity to make the day or […]

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The siege of the Radio building in Bródy Sándor utca, District 8, in the late evening of 23rd October 1956 signaled the outbreak of the revolution. Following a bloody fight that lasted until early morning, the building was seized by the people and the national uprising against the oppressive Soviet-backed regime was launched.

The Radio was […]

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We are all enjoying the sunny and still warm weather in early October called VÉNASSZONYOK NYARA (vén=old asszony=woman –ok=plural nyár=summer –a=genitive), the Hungarian equivalent of Indian Summer.

However, you should be careful using the adjective VÉN in other context. There are three words meaning ’old’ when we refer to people: IDŐS – elderly, ÖREG – old, […]

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The Budapest-located Keep Swinging Association made this wonderful film, which they call a ”Love letter to the City and the Dances.” It depicts iconic Budapest sights from various photo angles. We thought that the photos that accompany the dance will provide an excellent musical supplement to various Fungarian sightseeing tours.

How many of these sights can […]

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None. It’s SZALONNA in Hungarian and as it turns out, an unknown delicacy for foreign visitors.

Fungarian has had several third-generation American visitors of Hungarian origin and it’s always interesting to hear their stories about the strange habits of their Hungarian grandparents. Many of them were bemused to remember that their Grandma and Grandpa started the […]

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