The Fungarian Team is pleased to announce the winner of a free trip we offered to the 200th reviewer. It’s Ms Cherry Maloney from Melbourne, Australia who visited us on March 30th. Cherry gave a positive review, very pleasing, however she was unhappy to be on her own. She would have preferred to be part of a group. It’s been a constant dilemma for us whether we should mix strangers. Most visitors prefer to be on their own since many people are shy to show their struggle with Hungarian pronunciation in front of others. Mainly because of this pedagogical consideration our company policy is not to mix complete strangers so that we can provide as much a personalised service as possible.

To be on the fair side we decided to award a free trip to Ms Cheryl Stallings from Portsmouth, Virginia, USA as well, since she submitted her review on April 21 at 1:03pm but accidentally on Facebook as a comment to our post. Only later did she realise that it should have gone to Tripadvisor but in the meantime Australia won the time game. Cheryl and her husband had a fun tour to the Ecseri Flea Market and we had a hilarious time. The only problem was the time pressure since they had to board the cruiser. Having had a good impression of our beautiful city they promised to come back. Now, to cash the voucher, it’ll be worth it. By the time they come back we will have 40 themed tours to choose from.

Finally, about the word WINNER. The verb in Hungarian is GYŐZNI, and GYŐZTES stands for ’winner.’ Victory is GYŐZELEM, and the Hungarian male name for Victor is either VIKTOR or its Hungarianised form: GYŐZŐ.